Saturday, May 29, 2010

You're the meaning in my life, You're the inspiration...

WHEW! I have been a busy gal this weekend and its only Saturday! Good thing its a 3 day weekend! I have been working on several projects, including a desk organizer, table re-do, and DIY dry mount-esque art work. Those will be coming soon, but I just HAD to show you my Hobby Lobby inspired plate! While perusing HL recently, I saw a 50% off all glass and ceramic sign- that sent me runnin'. After arriving at the display, and catching my breath, I started looking around. I found these 2 beauties that I knew would look fabulous in our kitchen (remember my WIP post?). 
Unfortunately, my excitement waned when I flipped these babies over and saw the price. "50% off WHAT?!" I shrieked.  That just goes to show you that a sale doesn't always mean a deal.  I still loved the look, though, and knew I had to figure out a way to make it happen.  On my most recent Hobby Lobby trip, I found this bad boy.
Not quite as visually appealing as his sisters up there, but I knew I could do something with this.  And at only $5, plus my 15% teacher discount, I had to have it.  I remembered this killer website my awesome neighbor, Jeannie, told me about, colourlovers.  You can create and edit your own patterns and colors.  After a few minutes creating a pattern, then copying it into, and printing, I had myself a plan.  I painted the plate black, using left over black paint from our kitchen tile redo, and let it dry.  After that I used the glossy Mod Podge to place the pattern in the center of the paint. MP TIP- be sure to put it on both the paper you're using AND the surface you're applying it to.  It keeps bubbling and wrinkling to a minimum.  I let that dry and did 3 coats of glossy MP on top.  Here she is, my Hobby Lobby inspired decorative plate:
And a closer look:
That just goes to show, if you find something you LOVE, but HATE the price, make it yourself!!

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  1. woo! just saw this post. LOVE LOVE the plate!