Sunday, May 2, 2010

Homemade Mod Podged Picture Frame

I'm tellin ya- you can get A LOT of use out of this $4.97 bottle of amazing-ness.

Its Sunday night and I can't sleep. I can't ever seem to sleep on Sunday nights, because Sunday night means I wake up to a Monday morning. And who likes Mondays?! This week will be fun, though, because its Teacher Appreciation Week. My room mom is SUPER, as are my kids, so I know by the end of the week I'll be feeling majorly appreciated! We also have Field Day on Friday, which the kiddos always enjoy!
Onto the project. My roommate from college- RFL- had a baby 8 months ago. Her birthday was a few weeks ago and I wanted to get her something special. Its also her first Mother's Day actually having the kid outside her tummy. I figured what more could a new mom want than an adorable picture frame to show off her even more adorable baby boy!

Here's what you need:

flat wooden picture frame
a neutral colored paint (I chose a tan color)
pretty scrapbook paper, a variety of complimentary prints and colors
mod podge
sponge brush
any wooden embellishments you'd like
tacky glue

First, paint the picture frame and embellishments (2-3 coats):

While paint is drying on your frame, cut out squares of scrapbook paper. Because the edge of my frame was smaller, I cut out 1/2" squares. If you have a larger frame, you might want to do 1" squares.

Now, spread a thin layer of MP over a small area on your frame. Place squares down like a tile pattern.

Finish frame, then coat with 2 layers of MP all the way around. This keeps the edges sealed and pretty. Do the same thing with your embellishments- cut scrapbook paper to size, thin layer of MP, glue down, then 2 coats of MP after.

Glue down embellishments. Insert photo of ridiculously cute baby and voila! Precious gift!

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  1. I love my frame!! It has a very nice little spot on my desk at work!