Friday, July 2, 2010


Will recently handed over the 4th bedroom, affectionately known as the taupe room, to me, to use as our craft/hobby room.  It used to store an extra bed, extra side tables, and all sorts of other random odds and ends that accumulated after I moved in.  I really like the color of the walls in there, which means NO painting! However, the fan is the original fan from when the house was built- back when gold was the popular hardware color of choice. 
I mean, really, who does white and gold anymore?
I didn't want to buy a new fan. Those can be pricey, and I'm cheap.  While perusing blogs awhile back, I came across a smart lady who had painted her fan.  I thought this was brilliant.  You don't have to buy anything new, no crazy installations (I clearly don't know how to put in a fan...), AND you can customize it to your wants!  First you wait until your boyfriend, husband, partner, mother, is out of the house.  Then tape off everything you don't want sprayed silver. I took off the blades, bulbs, and covers, and used newspaper and painter's tape to cover the sockets and such.  I also covered the floor in a tarp and opened the windows.
Sorry about the crummy pictures, my camera died. I charged it while fixing up my fan. How's that for multi-tasking... Then I got to work with spray paint. I used a large piece of foam board to put behind the fan as I sprayed.  I did several light coats, to ensure even coverage.  After letting it dry for a bit, I took off the tape and newspaper.

The colors that will be used in this room are the taupe color of the wall, and an ashy brown color and orange for accents.  I actually got the color palette from the paper I used to make over my jewelry box.  The wall color matched the flowers in the paper, and I loved the other colors together.  I have more to do to the room before the big reveal, but here is the old, yet greatly improved fan!
Love, love, love the POP of color!
I can't wait to get everything else together to show you!