Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bad Weather = Cancelled Flight = Crafty Saturday

This weekend was supposed to be one filled with old friends, graduation festivities, and Chimy's margaritas. Instead 5 hrs were spent in the airport waiting on a plane that may or may not be able to take off.  After reading Chelsea, Cheslea, Bang, Bang, in its entirety, I decided to find out what was up. Upon speaking with the friendly, yet clearly miffed Southwest agent, I decided to go ahead and cancel my flight reservation. I probably could have made it to Dallas, but most likely not to Lubbock. If I'm going to get stranded, its going to be in my own home. I called Will, he drove out to the airport for the second time that night, and we headed home... sans luggage. At that point, Southwest was no longer retrieving bags from airplanes. Wherever, and whenever, that plane was headed, so was that bag. 48 hrs. later and I am still no closer to my stuff.  Thankfully, Will had planned a game night for Friday night, so I got to come home to good friends and a cold drink. After hearing nothing on my luggage by Saturday afternoon, I decided to use my time productively. With mod podge.

It had been too long since MP and I had hung out, so I carved out some alone time.  After thinking for a few minutes on what my next project could be, I remembered some old pictures I bought back in my college days.  They have been used as kitchen decor in every place of residency since then. When I moved in with Will, they were finally placed in storage. 
After taking a quick look, I decided to paint the edged and use them as 'frames'. You'll see what I mean in a sec. In our upstairs hallway, we have black & white pictures that have been dry mounted. Will got this made and brought them home as a mid-week surprise.  On the opposite side of this hallway, there's a blank wall. I knew this would be the future home of my cute chef/bartender men.  Obviously, not in this condition.  First, I painted the edge and just a little into the middle with white craft paint. After painting the first picture, I realized I was going to have to prime these puppies first. SO, I used primer on the other three, and then painted white.
While those dried, I decided which pictures I wanted to use. Since the other pictures in our hallway are black & white, I knew these pictures needed to be, as well. Then, I remembered this! I chose pictures that would look great in black & white, but also had a pop of color somewhere.  After some quick internet research and a few tutorials later, I created some beautiful work.  I printed the pictures out on a matte photo paper, which is basically card stock. (Will and I aren't into super shiny surfaces.)  I trimmed the photos down to size, just the inside part of my old pictures, leaving some of the frame around the edges. Using my trusty MP, glued down my new photos, and hung! I decided not to do an over-laying coat of MP. I thought even the matte, would be too shiny and not coordinate as well with our current decor.  I L-O-V-E the way they turned out and they just look great in our hallway!

This entire project cost me zero dollars and zero cents. Not too shabby, considering I'll most likely be replacing a good amount of clothes, make-up, hair products, and a straightener in the near future. Have YOU recycled any old pictures or frames lately?

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