Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My First Try at "Blogging"

Well, summer is approaching quickly, and I have several projects in mind. I figured this would be an easier way to share photos and methods, instead of attempting to post a buttload of pictures to facebook. Work on our house is on-going, so I'll be sure to share those upgrades, along with a few personal anecdotes along the way. I'm clearly new to the blogging scene, so forgive my boring page until I get this figured out. Here is a little about me to get started...

I moved in with my boyfriend, who will be referred to as BF from now on, a year ago and it has been a blast. BF and I have a lot in common and have really enjoyed our time together. We are both huge college football and baseball fans, but while I bleed scarlet and black, I somehow ended up with an Aggie. If you know anything about college rivalries, you know that TT and a&m dislike each other for a multitude of reasons. Part 1 of the 'divided'. Decorating the home has been interesting, because while I enjoy vivid colors and prints, BF is very into the modern feel with solid colors. Part 2 of the 'divided'. He bought a foreclosed home two years ago, shortly after we started dating. The first few months of ownership were spent painting, installing, cleaning, and repairing all sorts of things. Since we’ve been official cohabitaters, many more changes have taken place. I hope to share some of these transformations and other projects with you, as they happen!

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